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Whistler eBikes

eBike Adventures in Whistler, Canada

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Experience Whistler on a Bike with Us

Enjoy our breathtaking valley in the easiest way imaginable. You’re sure to feel like a kid again! Electric bikes are a new, alternative, and environmentally friendly form of transportation around Whistler. eBikes provide all the advantages of a regular bicycle, but with the ability to pedal up the hills as comfortably as riding down — that’s what the eBike experience is all about. Come see for yourself on a bike tour of Whistler!

See Why We Are One of the Highest-Rated Tours in Whistler

a person standing next to a parked motorcycle posing for the camera

This is the BEST way to see whistler and surrounding area. Absolutely gorgeous. So easy to bike around-the bike does 90%of the work and we got to travel about 27km. Which seems like alot but it went by so fast (without getting tired). We recommend this company time after time. Bikes were in great condition, ash knew the area and knowledge about whistler . He took pictures for us and even had mini mitts for the crisp fall temperature. The scenery is amazing and we loved the ease of the bikes.

– Kimberly M., TripAdvisor
a group of people standing around a motorcycle in front of a mountain
Totally chill!

My family has enjoyed knowing Ash for a number of years. We finally had the opportunity to go on an ebike tour with him- he didn’t disappoint. His relaxed attitude really added to the beauty of the tour. The scenery was gorgeous, the bikes operated perfectly, and the time with was friends was precious. Cheers to Ash and his team.

– John G., TripAdvisor
a group of people standing next to a bicycle
Take the tour the day you arrive & feel alive

I went on the trip with Ash and had a real blast. It shows you the trails that I could never experience driving a car or walking only on a bike. Since I am not in the greatest shape and have some heart issues I decided to try the E-Bike tour and it blew me away. You will be provided with a quality E-bike and Ash and his team will make the experience pleasurable for you no mater what your skill level...

– Rick B., TripAdvisor
a man riding a motorcycle posing for the camera
Fantastic Tour!!!

We had the pleasure of doing an amazing morning EBike tour around with Ash on August 14th. The scenery is just breathtaking. Beautiful lakes, streams, giant lily pads, birds, bear den, plus all of the local information provided along the way was priceless. We were able to share a special birthday lunch at the Alpine Cafe to complete the trip. (Happy Birthday again Ash! ). Whistler EBikes is a must on your list of things to do in Whistler!!!

– Lana K., TripAdvisor

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